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Upgrade blockers


If a system is running MySQL 5.0 or below, an upgrade to cPanel & WHM 11.40 will be blocked. In order to upgrade your cPanel & WHM installation to version 11.40, the version of MySQL must be 5.1 or higher. 

New features


In 11.40, we added the ability to assign IPv6 addresses to accounts. The root user can create an IPv6 address range and assign IPv6 addresses in that range to accounts. 

API Shell

In 11.40, we have added the API Shell interface, which allows you to run API function calls interactively within the interface.


 This feature uses live data from your server. API function calls may change or delete data on your server, which can cause your server to fail. Read the documentation for a function call thoroughly before you use it in the API Shell, a script, or through any other method.

For more information, read our API Shell for WHM and our API Shell for cPanel.

Use of 1:1 NAT

In 11.40, WHM allows the installer to detect whether your server is on a NAT-configured network. If the installer detects a NAT-configured network, your server will configure itself for NAT mode and attempt to automatically map local IP addresses to public IP addresses.

For more information, read our 1:1 NAT documentation. 

HTML editor

In 11.40, cPanel's File Manager feature offers a more modern HTML editor. The editor allows users to easily access and edit their HTML files from the File Manager feature. Users can also insert the images they have saved through the File Browser feature. The new editor has replaced the legacy product, WysiwygPro.

To integrate the HTML editor into your branded theme, read our Guide to HTML Editor Integration.

For more information, read our documentation about the HTML Editor HTML editor. 

Security Advisor

In 11.40, we have added the  Security Advisor feature, which runs a security scan on your cPanel & WHM server and advises you how to resolve any security issues that it finds.

We have also updated the Security Advisor in WHM to version 1.03.

For more information, read our Security Advisor documentation.

Session Generator

In 11.40, when root and resellers in WHM access cPanel accounts through List Accounts or the new create_user_session WHM API function call, the Internal Session Tool generates a temporary user and session. This allows third-party applications with WHM access, either through access hash or password, to log into cPanel accounts without the need to store their account password.

For more information, read our API Authentication documentation. 

Account plans now support an extension model

Package extensions allow third-party developers to add custom fields for non-standard variables to packages. This data is stored in both the package data files and the subsequent account data files. Template Toolkit files allow third-party developers to customize the way their variables appear in the WHM interface.

WHM users can view and modify package extension settings from the following interfaces:

  • Add a Package
  • Edit a Package
  • Create a New Account
  • Modify an Account

For more information, read our Package Extensions documentation.


When you upgrade to 11.40, cPanel & WHM will rename any existing packages that are currently named extensions. The new name will be  package.extensions.random_number , where  random_number  is generated based on your process ID. New packages cannot be named extensions. 

Removal of missing package extensions

You may remove uninstalled or missing extensions from package and account files.

  • In WHM's Edit Package or Modify an Account interfaces, a warning message displays if extensions are not installed on the server. Select the Remove missing extensions from package box to remove those extensions from the package.
  • In the WHM API, use the remove_missing_extensions parameter with the editpkg or modifyacct API calls.
  • When you remove a missing extension, extension variables will not be removed and will remain in the package and account files indefinitely.

WHM will allow loading of custom CSS in the UI

Admins will now have the ability to further customize the look and feel of the WHM UI using custom CSS in cPanel & WHM version 11.40.

New Backup files are available as downloads in cPanel

If the new Backup Configuration system has been enabled by the web host, cPanel users can download a compressed copy of all of their website’s files.

System Improvements

General Improvements

  • Improved MySQL speed
  • Improved Postgres speed
  • Userdata handling improvements
  • Improved scalability for large number of HTTP vHosts
  • Reduced cpanellogd overhead
  • Improved cpanellogd performance for thousands of domains/users
  • Reduced disk I/O needed for cpanellogd
  • Improved speeds when sending mail to the local machine via SMTP
  • Improved the speed of outbound mail when SMTP restrictions are enabled
  • Improved speeds when sending to mailman lists 

Longer User Names

In 11.40, cPanel & WHM allows resellers to disable database prefixing and create accounts with user names that are up to 16 characters long. Once database prefixing is disabled, the following interfaces allow use of user names up to 16 characters in length:

  • Create a New Account
  • Modify an Account
  • The remote API calls for 1 and 2 

Improved account and package interfaces

The following user interfaces have been restyled:

  • Create a New Account

    To prevent the loss of form data, users must now choose a package option from the  Create a New Account  interface before the new account can be saved.

  • Modify an Account
  • Add a Package
  • Edit a Package

Dovecot upgraded to 2.2

Dovecot has been upgraded to version 2.2 in cPanel & WHM version 11.40. This will allow the Trash and Deleted Messages to be auto-expunged, providing improved performance and better disk space management.

TaskQueue Improved

TaskQueue, the in-product task queuing system, now uses the version provided upon CPAN. The ability to defer jobs has also been added.

Logaholic updated

Logaholic has been updated to version 4.0.5.

Apache SpamAssassin

The Razor2::Client::Agent is now provided with Apache SpamAssassin.

Spamd Startup

The Spamd Startup plugin is now a standard part of cPanel, and will no longer display as part of the Manage Plugins interface. You can now configure startup settings for the Apache SpamAssassin daemon (spamd) through the Spamd Startup Configuration interface in WHM at Home >> Email >> Spamd Startup Configuration.

Anonymous FTP disabled in new installations

FTP services have undergone the following improvements:

  • Anonymous FTP now defaults to the Disabled setting for all new installations. We do not recommend that you enable anonymous FTP on your servers.
    • The /var/cpanel/noanonftp file will be created at installation by default.
    • You can use the flag --enable-anonymous when you run /scripts/setupftpserver from the command line to install an FTP server with anonymous FTP enabled.
  • cPanel users will not see the FTP Accounts, FTP Session Control, or Anonymous FTP icons from the cPanel Home interface if those services are not available.

Improved Update Preferences interface

Improvements to the Update Preferences interface guide the user towards update and upgrade paths that are attainable (i.e. prevents a user from selecting an older version, representing a downgrade). 

Upgrade improvements

The following changes were made with regard to the update and upgrade processes for cPanel & WHM servers:

  • The  Update Preferences  interface in WHM now indicates which release tiers are unavailable because they represent a downgrade.
  • If an upgrade is already in progress on your server when you access the  Upgrade to Latest Version  interface, the interface will reattach to the existing upgrade.
  • Log display for updates performed in the WHM UI has been improved. 

Improvements to the upcp script

The upcp script has undergone the following improvements:

  • The upcp script now offers improved .pid file (Process ID) support.
  • The upcp script now supports background (--bg) mode.
  • The /var/cpanel/updatelogs/last symlink points to the most recent log file. 

Improved automatic upgrades

To reduce support ticket influx, automatic upgrades to subsequent major versions of cPanel & WHM will not always take place immediately. In certain scenarios, cPanel & WHM will apply a zero-to-three-business-day delay before your automatic upgrade takes place.

cPanel & WHM will apply a delay if all of the following are true:

  1. You are on the RELEASE or STABLE tier.
  2. You do not run the upgrade interactively.
  3. Your current version is only one major version away from the target major version.
  4. You do not run the upgrade with the Force option.

The length of your delay is randomly selected. For example, if the new major version is detected on a Friday, the upgrade will not take place until the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 

Mailing List Delegation

In 11.40, the cPanel interface now allows account owners to log into Mailman automatically to manage mailing lists. However, if the password is still necessary if the administrator uses email or goes to the Mailman URL directly to manage a mailing list.

Also, the cPanel interface allows mailing list owners to delegate administrative access to specified users.

Finally, we have added columns for access level and administrator email addresses to the table of mailing lists in the cPanel interface

For more information, read our Mailing Lists documentation.

cPanel Plugin File Generator

In 11.40, we incorporated the cPanel Plugin Install File Generator on our website into the WHM interface.

For more information, read our cPanel Plugin File Generator documentation.

Updates to Tweak Settings

Two default archive settings for cPanel have been added to Tweak Settings:

  • Archive logs in the user's home directory at the end of each stats run unless configured by the user — This option archives logs in the user's home directory at the end of each statistics run.
  • Remove the previous month's archived logs from the user's home directory at the end of each month unless configured by the user — This option removes the archived log files from the user's home directory at the end of each month.

The ifconfig and netstat Commands

The ifconfig and netstat commands do not work well with large numbers of IP addresses bound to a server. Use the ip and ss commands for better performance.

  • If you bind large numbers of IP addresses, you should also convert any scripts that used the old commands.

Improved cron job configuration

The CronConfig plugin is now a standard part of cPanel and will no longer display as part of the  Manage Plugins  interface. You can now configure cPanel cron jobs through the  Configure cPanel Cron Jobs  interface in WHM at Home >> Server Configuration >> Configure cPanel Cron Jobs.

Improved dynamicui options

The new touch option for dynamicui.conf allows you to configure icons to only appear in the cPanel interface if the specified touch file is present in the /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ directory. 

Improved ClamAV Scanner

ClamAV Scanner is now a standard part of cPanel, but will still display as part of the Manage Plugins  interface.

  • ClamAV Scanner will install to the /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty directory.
  • If the following binaries are present, the upgrade will append .old to their names and they will be symlinked to the binaries that are installed to the /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty directory.
    • /usr/sbin/clamd
    • /usr/local/bin/freshclam
    • /usr/bin/freshclam

Jailshell Improvements

Users with jailshelled terminal accounts will now have the ability to utilize commands that were previously unavailable, such as crontab and passwd.


If you use a utility that monitors system changes (for example, CSF or LFD), you may see the following alert after you upgrade cPanel & WHM to 11.40:

The following list of files have FAILED the md5sum comparison test. This means that the file has been changed in some way.
This could be a result of an OS update or application upgrade. If the change is unexpected it should be investigated:

/bin/crontab: FAILED
/bin/passwd: FAILED

This is a false positive warning. /bin/crontab and /bin/passwd are two symlinks that cPanel uses to link to the CentOS files in the /usr/bin directory. These symlinks allow jailshelled environments to access both crontab and passwd.

For more information, read our VirtFS documentation.

Updated Service SSL Certificate interfaces

Usability improvements have been made to the Manage Service SSL Certificate interfaces providing easier key and certificate creation and improved certificate management.

Small screen autoscroll

In 11.40, we have corrected an issue where error messages and notifications on small-screen display appear outside of the visible display window. The interface will now automatically scroll as necessary.

PostgreSQL Synchronize Grants button

Some versions of PostgreSQL are ANSI SQL-92 compliant and do not support recursive grants, In 11.40, we have added a Synchronize Grants button to the PostgreSQL interface that refreshes the grants to the database.

For more information, read our PostgreSQL Databases documentation.

Legacy MySQL password issue

In 11.40, servers with legacy MySQL passwords were unable to connect to remote MySQL servers.

This issue has been resolved.

Synchronize MySQL Password

In 11.40, we updated the Password Modification and List Accounts interfaces in WHM and the Change Password interface in cPanel. The Synchronize MySQL Password option will only appear if the user has a .my.cnf file in their home directory.

cpsess_tool improvements

In 11.40, we have rewritten the cpsess_tool so that it properly disconnects from MySQL and PostgreSQL. This eliminates the frequent disconnection debug messages in the logs.

Certificate Request validation

In 11.40, cPanel & WHM now allows all characters in the Company Name and Company Division text boxes of the Certificate Signing Requests interface. However, special characters may not be allowed by some certificate authorities. Contact your certificate authority to confirm that they are acceptable. 

Single Sign On session log

In 11.40.1, we have added more information to the session log for the Internal Session Tool and Single Sign On.

For more information, read our API Authentication documentation.

Jailshell permissions and remount for Mailman directories

In and newer versions of cPanel & WHM, jailshelled mounts that contain Mailman directories are now mounted with read and write permissions. This will allow for mod_ruid2 compatibility with Mailman. The upgrade will unmount all jailshells and then remount them if they are active.

Removed Items 

Legacy File Manager's HTML editor

The HTML editor has been removed from the Legacy File Manager feature.

Java Telnet Application

The ancient JTA has been removed.


scripts/uf has been removed from the product.

pre-cPAddon Addons

These pre-cPAddon addons have been removed:

  • agora
  • phpchat
  • phpBB
  • Advanced Guestbook

New and Modified API calls

New UAPI Calls

  • UAPI - Fileman — This module and its functions will allow users to manage the HTML editor within the File Manager feature.
  • Email::add_mailman_delegates — This function allows a mailing list administrator to grant administrative rights to delegates to a specified mailing list.
  • Email::get_mailman_delegates — This function retrieves a list of delegates on a specified mailing list.
  • Email::generate_mailman_otp — This function generates a one-time password to access the specified mailing list.
  • Email::has_delegates_mailman_lists — This function determines whether an email address has administrative rights for a mailing list that is delegated to it.
  • Email::remove_mailman_delegates — This function allows a mailing list administrator to remove administrative rights of delegates from a specified mailing list.
  • Email::set_list_privacy_options — This function sets the privacy options for a specified mailing list.

Modified UAPI Calls 

  • Email::list_lists — This function now includes output parameters for access type (private, semi-private, or public) and the list administrator email addresses.

New API Calls

  • Delete an Addon Domain (deladdondomain) — This function allows users to delete an existing addon domain. This function will also remove the addon domain's subdomain and corresponding FTP username.
  • Add an Addon Domain (addaddondomain) — This function allows users to create an addon domain. This function will also create a subdomain.
  • List Addon Domains (listaddondomains) — This function allows users to list all of the addon domains associated with your server.
  • List Locked Accounts (listlockedaccounts) — This function returns a list of suspended accounts that can only be unsuspended by a root-enabled reseller.
  • Fileman Autocomplete (fileman::autocompletedir) — This function searches for files and directories that begin with a specified string.
  • Email::has_delegated_mailman_lists — This function determines whether a specified account is a delegate on any mailing list.
  • Install a Certificate on a Service (install_service_ssl_certificate) — This function allows WHM users to install a new certificate on a service. These services are ftp, exim, dovecot, courier, and cpanel.
  • Reset a Certificate on a Service (reset_service_ssl_certificate) — This function allows WHM users to regenerate a self-signed certificate and assign the certificate to a service. These services are ftp, exim, dovecot, courier, and cpanel.
  • Create User Session (create_user_session) — This API function creates a new temporary user session for a specified service.
  • Retrieve a List of Services and Corresponding Certificates (fetch_service_ssl_components) — This function allows WHM users to retrieve a list of services and their corresponding certificates. These services are ftp, exim, dovecot, courier, and cpanel.
  • SoftwareDevelopmentKit/Enable IPv6 (ipv6_enable_account) — This function allows you to enable IPv6 on an account.
  • Disable IPv6 (ipv6_disable_account) — This function allows you to disable IPv6 on an account.
  • Add Server Range for IPv6 (ipv6_add_server_ip_range) — This function allows you to add the IPv6 range on the server.
  • Get Server Range for IPv6 (ipv6_get_server_ip_range) — This function allows you to get the IPv6 range on the server.

Modified API Calls

  • Email::list_lists — This function now includes output parameters for access type (private, semi-private, or public) and the list administrator email addresses.
  • Get Package Info(getpkginfo) — This API function now also displays package extension settings.
  • Add Package(addpkg) — This API function now allows package extensions and their settings to be added to a package.
  • Edit Package(editpkg) — This API function now allows package extension settings in a package to be edited.
  • List Package(listpkgs) — This API function now includes package extensions and their settings in the list of package information.
  • List Accounts (listaccts) — This function lists all accounts on the server, any IPv6 addresses associated with the account, and also allows you to search for a specific account or set of accounts. Finally, this function now includes the is_locked parameter to indicate locked accounts.
  • List Suspended (listsuspended) — This function now includes the is_locked parameter to indicate locked accounts.
  • Show an Account's Information (accountsummary) — This function now includes the is_locked parameter to indicate locked accounts.
  • Suspend an Account (suspendacct) — This function now includes the disallowun parameter to lock a reseller account.
  • Suspend a Reseller Account (suspendreseller) — This function now includes the disallow parameter to lock a reseller account.



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