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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.44

How do I find my DNS server?

You can use a tool such as to see what nameservers are registered to your domain.

You can also ask your web hosting provider for information about your DNS server.

How do I change the registration information that shows up on a WHOIS search?

To change this information, you must update the contact information at your domain's registrar.

The update process varies between different domain registrars. Below, we have compiled a list of links to instructions for a few prominent registrars.

For other registrars, search through their web site's help, knowledgebase, or support section for the term "Update WHOIS."

How do I transfer the IP address on my cPanel license?

If you purchased your license directly from cPanel & WHM, this is easy to do. To transfer the IP address on your cPanel license, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your cPanel Store account.
  2. Go to Manage Licenses.
  3. Click Transfer and fill out the necessary information

If you have any issues with the transfer, open a support ticket.

How do I add images to my website?

You need to upload the image to your site and add an HTML img tag to your website's HTML code. You can perform this action with the HTML Editor in cPanel's File Manager interface (Home >> Files >> File Manager).

How do I view my site as soon as I create it?

To view your website before DNS propagates, enter in your web browser, where is your hostname.

After DNS propagates, you can navigate directly to your domain.

For more information about this feature, read our mod_userdir documentation.

How do I upload my web page files from my computer's hard drive?

You can upload files to your site through cPanel's File Manager interface (Home >> Files >> File Manager). Click File Manager, and then scroll down to the directory in which you wish to put the files.

You can also use an external FTP program to upload files. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an FTP account in cPanel's FTP Accounts interface (Home >> Files >> FTP Accounts).
  2. Enter your  public_html directory in the Directory: text box.
  3. Use your external FTP program to upload your site's files to that directory.

I accidentally deleted the public_html folder (or a file). How do I retrieve all of my files?

There is no undelete option. You need to restore this folder from your backups. To restore your public_html directory, use cPanel's Backups interface (Home >> Files >> Backups).

You can also contact your web host to have them restore your backups.


If you do not have backups, you cannot restore your information.

How do I restore a full backup file to my server?

To restore a full backup file on a server, use WHM's Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file interface (Home >> Backup >> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File).

Any of following directories must contain the files that you wish to restore:

/home, /home2, /home3, /root, /usr, /usr/home, /web

How do I add a logo on the top of my website in the URL bar?

The logo in your browser's URL bar is called a Favorites Icon (favicon) These were initially used in the bookmarks for browsers and are also used in the URL bar.

For more information, search for a favicon tutorial on your preferred search engine.

How do I remove an old subdomain that was placed in a directory, such as /

When you delete a subdomain in cPanel, it removes the entries that take users to that subdomain, but not the actual files. If you wish to remove the files as well, delete the directory in cPanel's File Manager interface (Home >> Files >> File Manager).

How do I set an HTML document as the main page?

Contact your web host to find out how to perform this action on your site.

How do I transfer my website from another control panel?

You can transfer your website, databases, mail, and files to a cPanel & WHM server from one of the following control panels:

  • Ensim
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

To transfer your website, databases, mail, and files, have your new host, or someone on a cPanel & WHM server, use WHM's Transfer Tool interface (Home >> Transfers >> Copy an Account from Another Server).

You can also open a support ticket and our migration team will contact you.

How do I change my cPanel username?

System administrators can change your cPanel username in WHM's Modify an Account interface (Home >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account).

How do I change the 401 error that is caused when I cancel a username/password login window for a protected directory?

To change the error message that a user receives, use cPanel's Error Pages interface (Home >> Advanced >> Error Pages). Choose the domain for which you wish to modify the error pages.

Select any of your error pages to make your changes.

How do I know the path of a file on the server?

The /home/username/ directory contains your files.

For example, if your username is john and you put a file in the public_html folder that is called index.php, the file is located in the /home/john/public_html/index.php file.