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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.44


After you finish the cPanel & WHM installation process, you can access WHM's interface.


Get started in WHM

To access the WHM interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter https://$IP:2087 in your preferred web browser.


    $IP represents your server's IP address. 

  2. Enter root in the Username text box.
  3. Enter your root password in the Password text box.
  4. Click Log In.



  • For more information on how to get started in WHM, see our WHM Initial Setup Wizard documentation.
  • If you wish to set up cPanel user accounts, navigate to WHM's Create a New Account interface (Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account). cPanel user accounts allow users to create email and FTP accounts and perform other website management tasks.