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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.44


This document lists important information about Web Disk user accounts that have enabled the Digest Authentication feature.

Web Disk and Digest Authentication

  • When you change the username of an account with Digest Authentication enabled, you must reset the Web Disk password. The usernames with Digest Authentication are stored inside the password hash in /etc/digestshadow. Therefore, it is necessary to reset the password in order to access the Web Disk with the new username.
  • The login name for virtual Web Disk users changes when you change a domain name. Make sure to notify your virtual users of this change so they can access their Web Disk accounts.
    • The Digest Authentication on these accounts must be re-enabled. These accounts use the domain name as part of their login, which causes the account to be removed from/etc/digestshadow in the event that the domain is changed.

Files that contain Web Disk user information

A system administrator may need to manually restore a Web Disk user from a backup.

The following files contain user information that is related to Web Disk:

  • /HOMEDIR/system-user/etc/webdav/passwd — This file stores all of the virtual Web Disk users.
  • /HOMEDIR/system-user/etc/webdav/shadow — This file stores the password hashes for the Web Disk virtual users with Digest Authentication enabled.
  • /etc/digestshadow — This file stores the digest hashes for the system accounts with Digest Authentication enabled.