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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> Databases >> PhpPgAdmin)


phpPgAdmin is a third-party tool that is included with cPanel, and is used to manipulate PostgreSQL databases over the Internet. phpPgAdmin allows you to add and drop databases, create, alter, and delete tables, add, edit, and delete fields, execute PostgreSQL statements, and manage users, keys, and permissions.

For more information about phpPgAdmin, visit the phpPgAdmin website.

I cannot access my databases

If you cannot access your databases, reset your cPanel account's password with the Allow MySQL password change box selected.

  1. Navigate to cPanel >> Change Password.
  2. Select Allow MySQL password change.
  3. Change the password and click Change your password now!


Some versions of PostgreSQL are ANSI SQL-92 compliant and do not support recursive grants, wildcard grants, or future grants. To allow multiple users to access your PostgreSQL tables, click Synchronize Grants in the PostgreSQL Databases interface (Home >> Databases >> PostgreSQL Databases) after you add a table.