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This documentation is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 54

(Home >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager)


This interface allows you to specify when your server sends notifications for each communication type, and the importance of each type of alert.


  • Your server uses the system contact information for notifications.
  • To modify the system contact information, click Change Alert Destinations, or use WHM's Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup).
  • For information on how to customize the templates that the system uses to generate these notifications, read our Notification Templates documentation.

Set your alert preferences

To set your alert preferences, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the menus under the Communication Type tab to specify importance of alerts that you wish to receive for each communication type. To disable a communication type, select Disabled.

    • For example, if you wish to receive email alerts about events that use the High priority type, select Low, Medium, and High from the menu next to Email.


      Your server uses the system contact information for notifications. To modify the system contact information, use WHM's Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup).

  2. Click Save.

Test a communication type

To test notifications via ICQ, AIM, Post to URL, or Pushbullet™, click Test in the appropriate row. The system will send a test notification to the destination for that communication type.


Your server only displays Test links for active communication types.


Set your alert type priorities

Click the Notifications tab to list available alert types, the priority with which the system sends each alerts, and which communication types will receive each alert.

Select the desired priority for each alert type in the appropriate row. The interface will update the icons in the Alert List to indicate which communication types will receive that particular alert.

The following table describes the events that trigger each type of alert and the template file that the system uses to create the notification:

Alert typeEvent that triggers your server to generate the alertNotification Template File Locations
Account CreationA system administrator or reseller creates an account.wwwacct/Notify.*.tmpl
Account ModificationsA system administrator or reseller modifies an account.upacct/Notify.*.tmpl
Account RemovalA system administrator or reseller removes an account.



Account SuspensionsA system administrator or reseller suspends an account.suspendacct/Notify.*.tmpl
Account UnSuspensionsA system administrator or reseller unsuspends an account.unsuspendacct/Notify.*.tmpl
Account Upgrades/DowngradesA user modifies the package for an account, or uses WHM's Upgrade/Downgrade an Account interface (Home >> Account Functions >> Upgrade/Downgrade an Account).upacct/Notify.*.tmpl
Altered RPMs CheckThe /scripts/check_cpanel_rpms script finds altered RPMs.Check/CpanelRPMs.*.tmpl
AppConfig registration notificationscPanel & WHM registers an application with AppConfig.appconfig/Notify.*.tmpl
Backup DelayedThe system delayed a backup.Backup/Delayed.*.tmpl
Backup Failed To FinishThe system failed to finish a backup.Backup/Failure.*.tmpl
Backup FailureAn account experienced a backup failure.AdminBin/FullBackup.*.tmpl
Backup Transport FailureA backup encountered transport errors.Backup/Transport.*.tmpl
Bandwidth Data Processing TimeoutThe system timed out while it attempted to process bandwidth data.Logd/Notify.*.tmpl
Bandwidth File Conversion Disk Space FailureThe system does not have enough free disk space to upgrade bandwidth files.installbandwidth/Notify.*.tmpl
Bandwidth LimitsAn account exceeds its bandwidth limit.BandwidthUsageExceeded/Owner.*.tmpl
Branding MigrationcPanel & WHM migrates a custom branding to the new version.migrate_branding/Notify.*.tmpl
ClamAV Upgrade ChangesThe system sends a reminder that it now upgrades ClamAV via the RPM system.Install/ClamavConnector.*.tmpl
CloudLinux License Detected

The system detects a CloudLinux license and provides installation instructions.

Conversion of cpupdate.conf settings to local.versionsThe system converted settings in the cpupdate.conf file to settings in the local.versions file.RPMVersions/Notify.*.tmpl
Conversion of cpupdate.conf Settings to local.versions (legacy notification)The system converted settings in the cpupdate.conf file to settings in the local.versions file.RPMVersions/Notify.*.tmpl
Corrupt Database TablesThe check_mysql script found corrupted database tables.


cPanel Account Forgot Password RequestA user clecked the Forgot Password link.ChangePassword/ResetRequest.*.tmpl
cPanel Account PasswordA user changed their password.ChangePassword/User.*.tmpl
cPanel Backup

WHM generates a backup.


This event does not apply to cPanel account backups that a cPanel user generates.

cPanel Backup (legacy notification)

WHM generates a legacy backup.


This event does not apply to cPanel account backups that a cPanel user generates.

cPanel Backup Destination DisabledA user disables a backup destination.Backup/Disabled.*.tmpl
cPanel Backup Destination Disabled (legacy notification)
A user disables a legacy backup destination.Backup/Disabled.*.tmpl
cPanel Configuration CheckscPanel & WHM cannot find the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file, and also cannot find the cpanel.config.cache file.Config/CpConfGuard.*.tmpl
cPHulkd Brute ForcecPHulk detected a brute force attempt.cPHulk/BruteForce.*.tmpl
cPHulkd Notifications

cPHulk generates an alert. cPHulk is cPanel & WHM's brute force protection feature.


  • The system sends a notice only once in a 24-hour window for a specific username, service, and IP address combination.
  • This option is not available if cPHulk is disabled.
dbindex Cache File Out Of DateThe dbindex cache file is out of date by more than four hours.dbindex/Warn.*.tmpl
Digest Authentication Disabled Due to Account Rename

An account's domain name has changed, so the system notifies the system administrator that it has disabled Digest Authentication.

Disk Integrity CheckcPanel & WHM checks the integrity of a hard disk.Check/Smart.*.tmpl
Disk Usage WarningsUsers approach or reach their disk quota limits.chksrvd/Diskusage.*.tmpl
DNS Cluster ErrorThe system encountered an error with the DNS Cluster.DNSAdmin/ClusterError.*.tmpl
EasyApache ConfigurationEasyApache 4 encountered a missing handler.EasyApache/EA4_LangHandlerMissing.*.tmpl
Exim Update FailuresExim failed to update.Check/EximConfig.*.tmpl
Filesystem Quotas ReadyThe system successfully finished the process to enable filesystem quotas.Quota/SetupComplete.*.tmpl
Forced Disable of Digest AuthA user or cPanel & WHM disables the Web Disk Digest Authentication feature.Accounts/DigestAuthResetNeeded*.tmpl
Generic NotificationsAny event that generates an alert and is not in this list. 
Greylist System ChangesA mail provider is no longer on the Greylisting Common Mail Providers list.Greylist/CommonProviderRemoval.html.tmpl
Horde Maintenance NotificationAn error occurred during Horde database maintenance.Install/Horde.*.tmpl
Horde Table Conversion FailureThe system failed to convert the Horde database to SQLite.Horde/MySQLToSQLite.*.tmpl
Hostname Change NotificationsThe system launched a background task to update the hostname in individual Horde databases.DAV/ChangeHostname.*.tmpl
Hostname Conflicts with a cPanel User AccountThe server's hostname is identical to a cPanel user account's site.Check/HostnameOwnedByUser.*.tmpl
Hung Service ChecksThe system detected a hung device and restarted it.chksrvd/Hang.*.tmpl
Instant Message FailureThe system failed to send a notification via an instant message.iContact/SendIMFailed.*.tmpl
Invalid DomainsThe system detects invalid domains.Check/InvalidDomains.*.tmpl
Invalid Hostname For Main IP AddressThe system cannot resolve the hostname to the correct IP address.


IP Address DNS CheckcPanel & WHM runs the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ipcheck script.


Kernel Crash CheckcPanel & WHM finds specific errors in the output of the dmesg command.Check/Oops.*.tmpl
Lost Contact With DNS ClusterThe system was unable to contact a server in the DNS Cluster.DNSAdmin/UnreachablePeer.*.tmpl
MyDNS Zone Import Failure

The system fails to import zone files into the MyDNS database.

MyDNS Zone Import In Progress

An import of zone files into the MyDNS database is in progress.

MyDNS Zone Import Successful

The system successfully imported zone files into the MyDNS database.

Notification of New Addon DomainsA user creates an addon domain.parkadmin/Notify.*.tmpl
Notification of Outdated Software

The system detected outdated software.


These notifications are for applications on your server. You can control notices for cPanel & WHM updates with the System Update Failures and Update Failures settings.

NSD DNS Zones Corrupted

The system detected corrupt DNS zones.

Out Of Memory

The system terminated a process to avoid a crash due to low memory.

Package Extension Name ConflictsThe system renames a package extension and updates all dependent package extensions to use the new filename due to a name conflict.Install/PackageExtension.*.tmpl
POP before SMTP enabledThe system found that POP Before SMTP is enabled, which is a security risk.Check/PopBeforeSMTPEnabled.*.tmpl
queueprocd Critical ErrorsThe Queue Processor daemon shut down because of repeated critical errors.queueprocd/Notify.*.tmpl
Reboot To Enable Filesystem Quotas ReminderThe system requires a reboot in order to enable filesystem quotas.Quota/RebootRequired.*.tmpl
Recently Uploaded CGI Script MailcPanel & WHM detects that a user uploaded a mail-capable script via FTP to the user's home directory.newmailcgi/Notify.*.tmpl
Remote MySQL Connection Failure

The system encountered a MySQL connection issue.

Root Compromise CheckscPanel & WHM detects that your server's root account is compromised.Check/Hack.*.tmpl
Root login notifications (cpHulkd)
cPanel & WHM detects a login with the root account.cPHulk/Login.*.tmpl
Scheduled Backup Will Start SoonThe system sends this notification before it runs a backup.Backup/PreBackupNotice.*.tmpl
Script Terminated Due to Deprecated CallThe system performed a deprecated call within a script and terminated the script.Logger/Notify.*.tmpl
Service failures (ChkServd)cPanel & WHM detects that a service has failed, recovered, or timed out.chksrvd/Notify.*.tmpl
SSL Certificate ExpirationA domain's SSL certificate has expired.Check/SSLCertExpired.*.tmpl
SSL Certificate Expires SoonA domain's SSL certificate expires soon.Check/SSLCertExpiresSoon.*.tmpl
Stalled Process NotificationsA user's process stalled.OverLoad/CpuWatch.*.tmpl
Stalled Statistics and Bandwidth Process NotificationsA process stalled while it processed a user's statistics and bandwidth data.OverLoad/LogRunner.*.tmpl
Stuck ScriptThe system detects a stuck script.StuckScript/Notify.*.tmpl
Successful BackupThe system finished a backup.Backup/Success.*.tmpl
System Log Approaches 2GB

A log file is almost 2 GB in size.


To automatically rotate log files at the end of each month, use the Log Rotation feature.

System Update FailuresThe system fails to update.upcp/UpdateNowFailed.*.tmpl
Unmonitored ServicesEvery two weeks, the system scans all active services and sends a notification that lists all of the unmonitored services.Check/UnmonitoredEnabledServices.*.tmpl
Update Failure Due to Immutable Files

The system cannot update cPanel & WHM due to immutable files.

Update FailuresUpdate failure notifications.Update/Now.*.tmpl
Update Version Blocker

The system fails to update because of an upgrade version blocker.

User Disk Usage WarningDisk usage notifications.