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For cPanel & WHM version 58

(Home >> Backup >> Legacy Restore Multiple Backups)


This interface allows you to restore multiple accounts simultaneously with your most recent individual backups.


  • To use this feature, you must enable account backups in WHM's Legacy Backup Configuration interface (Home >> Backup >> Legacy Backup Configuration).
  • We strongly recommend that you only restore accounts if it is necessary.

Restore multiple backups

To restore multiple accounts simultaneously, perform the following steps:

  1. Click either monthly or weekly to select the type of backup to restore.
  2. Select the checkboxes that correspond to the accounts that you wish to restore.
  3. Configure the other options within the table.

    • The Give IP Address checkbox assigns the account a new IP address from the IP address pool.


      If the account that you wish to restore contains subdomains, select the appropriate checkbox to restore their entries.

    • If you wish to restore an account’s MySQL® or MariaDB databases or mail configuration file, select the appropriate checkbox.
    • Click Select Column below each column to select all of the options within the column.
    • Click Deselect Column below each column to deselect all of the options within the column.
    • Click Select All below the menu to select all of the options within the column.
    • Click Reverse Selection to deselect any of the previously-selected options and select any options that you did not previously select.
  4. Click Start Restore to begin the restoration process.
    • A new interface displays the restoration's progress.
  5. Click OK.
    • The system will display an interface that shows the restoration's progress.
    • To end the process, click Abort Restore.
    • To skip to the next account that you wish to restore, click Skip Account.



When the restoration process completes, WHM displasy a dialog box that instructs you to close the window and to not click Back. Click OK and then close the Restoring progress window.