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For cPanel & WHM version 58

(Home >> Security Center >> Shell Fork Bomb Protection)


Fork bombs start a cascade of small processes on a server that duplicate themselves until the server’s resources are depleted.

This feature helps you protect your server from users with terminal access (SSH or Telnet) who may inadvertently or intentionally cause a fork bomb.

How to configure shell fork bomb protection

To enable or disable shell fork bomb protection, click Enable Protection or Disable Protection.

After you enable shell fork bomb protection, the system imposes the following limits on users in order to protect the server:

200000-cLimits the maximum size of core files that users can create.
200000-dLimits the maximum size of a process's data segment.
200000-mLimits the maximum resident set size.
100-nLimits the maximum number of open-file descriptors.
8192-sLimits the maximum stack size.

Limits the maximum number of processes that are available to a single user.


This option limits cPanel users with bash shell access, which is the default shell for cPanel users, to 35 processes each.

Unlimited-vThe amount of virtual memory available for the processes.