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  • Configure cPanel Analytics
For cPanel & WHM version 80.

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(WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Configure cPanel Analytics


This interface allows you to enable cPanel Analytics data collection settings. If you enable them, cPanel, L.L.C. will collect anonymized data about user behavior and the server's status.


The data that we collect via these features allows us to make improvements to cPanel & WHM and better understand our customers. For more information about how we use this data, read our cPanel Analytics documentation.

Interface Analytics

Interface Analytics collects data about how users navigate through and interact with the cPanel, WHM, and Webmail interfaces.

Click the disabled Interface Analytics toggle to enable Interface Analytics server-wide, or, if it is already enabled, click the toggle to disable it.


After you enable Interface Analytics at the server level, we still do not gather data until a user specifically enables data collection for their account.

  • Users can enable or disable data collection at the account level via the lightbulb icon ( ) on the right side of each interface.
  • WHM users must enable Interface Analytics for their accounts separately, even if their account is the one that enabled it server-wide.

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