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We will continue to maintain our API documentation on this server.

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In cPanel & WHM version 66, we deprecated the legacy Ruby codebase and plan to remove it in a future release.

To install a Ruby application in cPanel & WHM version 66 and later, perform the following steps:

  1. Install Ruby on your system via the ea-ruby24-mod_passenger EasyApache 4 RPM. To do this, run the following command as the root user

    yum install ea-ruby24-mod_passenger


    If you wish to add environment variables to your application, install the following additional RPMs:

    • The ea-apache24-mod_env module.
    • The ea-ruby24-ruby-devel module.

    For more information about environment variables, read our Application Manager documentation.

  2. Create a Ruby web application on your server. 
  3. Use cPanel's Application Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> Application Manager) to register the application.

The documents in this section describe how to create Ruby web applications, such as Redmine®, Sinatra™, and Jekyll®, on your cPanel & WHM server.


To use this feature, the cPanel account must possess compiler access in WHM's Compiler Access interface (WHM >> Home >> Security Center >> Compiler Access). If the account does not possess compiler access, the system will return an error similar to the following message:

make: execvp: gcc: Permission denied

 Additional documentation

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