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This document describes how to disable a service.

When the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/maintenance script runs, it provides security updates and automatically restarts services. However, automatic restarts may cause essential services, such as securetmp, to lose connection to the server. If these services lose connection to the server, that server may become inaccessible.

Disabled services reside in the /var/cpanel/disabled directory.

Disable services

To disable a service, log in to your server's command line as the root user and add one of the following touch files to the /var/cpanel/disabled directory:

secureitDisables the secureit service, which secures file permissions on your server.
securetmpDisables the securetmp service, which secures your /tmp partition.
terminal-colorsDisables the color output in WHM's Terminal interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Terminal).
cloudlinuxDisables CloudLinux™.
auto-restart-servicesDisables any services that the system automatically restarts.

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