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  • Guide to Locales - The Bracket Notation Whitelist
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To use a custom bracket notation method, you must add it to the bracket notation method whitelist. To prevent the execution of arbitrary or malicious code when the locale system processes a localized string, cPanel & WHM only allows specific bracket notation methods by default.


The locale system automatically blacklists methods that begin with the underscore character (_) and methods that include Perl namespace separator characters. 


You can create custom output methods. For more information, read CPAN's Locale::Maketext::Utils  documentation.

Default whitelist

cPanel & WHM ships with the following bracket notation method whitelist:

  • asis
  • boolean
  • comment
  • current_year
  • datetime
  • format_bytes
  • get_locale_name
  • get_user_locale_name
  • is_defined
  • is_future
  • join
  • list_and
  • list_and_quoted
  • list_or
  • list_or_quoted
  • numerate
  • numf
  • output

  • quant

For more information about these methods, read our Guide to Locales - Bracket Notation Methods documentation.

Add methods

To add a new bracket notation method to the whitelist, perform the following steps:

  1. Create the /var/cpanel/maketext_whitelist file with 0644 permissions.
  2. In your preferred text editor, add each new bracket notation method to the file, with one method name per line.

For example, to add the get_language_tag and convert methods to the whitelist, create a /var/cpanel/maketext_whitelist file with the following contents: