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cPanel & WHM offers many customization options for server administrators and third-party developers. Our APIs and other integration systems offer the tools to successfully build a custom application that works seamlessly with cPanel or WHM.


We use the term "integration" to refer to third-party development of software that works with cPanel & WHM. 

What do you want to integrate with?

System administrators use WHM to perform server administration functions:

  • Create, manage, and monitor website owner accounts.
  • Configure networking information.
  • Manage SSL certificates.
  • Monitor and restart services.

Website owners use cPanel to perform website management functions:

  • Manage individual domains.
  • Create and manage email (including Webmail) and FTP accounts.
  • Create and manage databases.

Hosting providers use Manage2 Home to manage their licenses and billing:


If you have questions or need help with your customization project, join the conversation on our cPanel Developers Forum, or reach out to us in Discord.

We encourage anyone who develops for cPanel products to read the cPanel Blog, and join our Plugin Developers mailing list.