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This document lists third-party libraries for integration with cPanel products.

 If you know of a third-party library that this list should include, send it to us.


The libraries in this list belong to third-party developers, and cPanel, L.L.C. does not maintain or support them. The Developer Documentation Home page lists our cPanel-provided and cPanel-supported libraries.

Third-party libraries

We last updated this list on: 

C# libraries

cPanelSharp C# Library for cPanel & WHM (Github)

Java libraries

Pedlar's Java Library for cPanel & WHM (Github)

JavaScript libraries

NPM Node.js Library for cPanel & WHM (

Vially's Node.js Library for cPanel & WHM (Github)

PHP libraries

Mlcheng's PHP Library for cPanel & WHM (Github)

Previewict's PHP library for cPanel & WHM (Github)

Python Libraries

Bensnyde's Python Libraries for cPanel & WHM and Manage2 (Github)

Ruby Libraries

Lumberg Ruby Library for cPanel & WHM (Github)