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WHM API 0 outputs data in either JSON or XML format. The output format depends on the options that you choose when you call the function.


WHM API 0 is deprecated. We strongly recommend that you only use the equivalent WHM API 1 functions instead. 

Basic return data  

Both JSON and XML output return data as hashes or arrays of hashes. In XML output, <functionname> tags wrap the top-level hash of data, where functionname is the function's name.

The top-level hash of data includes a hash of the function's output data, as well as the function's metadata.

  • In the following examples, the output data is in the acct hash.
  • The output data's hash's name varies from function to function.
  • Check the desired function's documentation for an accurate outline of the output's structure.


The accountsummary function returns typical WHM API 0 output:

  "acct": [
      "maxaddons": "unlimited",
      "ip": "",
      "min_defer_fail_to_trigger_protection": "5",
      "legacy_backup": 0,
      "diskused": "14M",
      "maxftp": "unlimited",
      "startdate": "13 May 22 16:03",
      "max_defer_fail_percentage": "unlimited",
      "disklimit": "unlimited",
      "is_locked": 0,
      "suspendtime": null,
      "email": "",
      "domain": "",
      "unix_startdate": 1369256589,
      "user": "username",
      "plan": "packagename",
      "shell": "/bin/bash",
      "maxpop": "unlimited",
      "backup": 0,
      "theme": "paper_lantern",
      "owner": "root",
      "max_email_per_hour": "unlimited",
      "ipv6": [
      "suspendreason": "not suspended",
      "maxlst": "unlimited",
      "suspended": 0,
      "maxsql": "unlimited",
      "maxparked": "unlimited",
      "partition": "home",
      "maxsub": "unlimited"
  "statusmsg": "Ok",
  "status": 1


cPanel & WHM version 66 deprecated XML output. 

        <startdate>13 May 22 16:03</startdate>
        <suspendreason>not suspended</suspendreason>