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You can use additional variables to sort WHM API 1 output.


You can test WHM API 1 functions in WHM's API Shell interface (Home >> Development >> API Shell). Click Show Sort/Filter/Paginate Options to display the additional text boxes.

Sort output

WHM API 1 sorting uses four basic variables:

VariableTypeDescriptionPossible values
api.sort.enableBooleanWhether to enable sorting.
  • 1 — Enable sorting.
  • 0 — Disable sorting.
api.sort.a.fieldstringThe return to sort by.The name of one of the function's returns.

The type of sorting to use.

This variable defaults to lexicographic.


You must set this parameter whenever you sort numeric values, or the function will fail. 

  • ipv4 — Sort output by the numeric value of each octet in an IPv4 address.
  • numeric — Sort output in numeric order, with 0 as the lowest number.
  • numeric_zero_as_max — Sort output in numeric order, with 0 as the highest number.
  • lexicographic — Sort output in alphabetical order.

Whether to sort data in reverse order.

This parameter defaults to 0.

  • 1 — Sort in reverse order.
  • 0 — Do not sort in reverse order.


The following example function calls execute the listaccts function and sort the output by the user parameter:



cPanel & WHM version 66 deprecated XML output.

whmapi1 listsuspended api.sort.enable=1 api.sort.field=owner

Use multiple sort parameters

To sort output by multiple parameters in a single WHM API 1 call, increment the letter in each filter variable.

For example, use the following variables to pass two sets of sort information:

  • Pass the first set of sort information to the api.sort.a.fieldapi.sort.a.method, and api.sort.a.reverse variables.
  • Pass the second set of sort information to the api.sort.b.field api.sort.b.method , and api.sort.b.reverse  variables.


  • Do not include more than one api.sort.enable Boolean variable. 
  • The order of sort parameters determines the order in which WHM API 1 uses them to sort output. For example, the system applies the sort criteria from the api.sort.a.field parameter before it applies the criteria from the api.sort.b.field parameter.


The following example function calls execute the listsuspended function and sort the results by the owner parameter's value, and then by the user parameter's value:



cPanel & WHM version 66 deprecated XML output. 

whmapi1 listsuspended api.sort.enable=1 api.sort.field=owner api.sort.b.field=user