cPanel & WHM no longer develops or updates EasyApache 3. We deprecated EasyApache 3 on December 31, 2018. We removed support for EasyApache 3 in cPanel & WHM version 78.
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IMAP – Mail Functions


PHP Version5
Profile ValueCpanel::Easy::PHP5::Imap
Reverse BooleanNo


When you build Imap, we attempt to hide any existing IMAP libraries to avoid issues. The following libraries are temporarily renamed to filename__.hidden_from_linker_by_ea3 if they exist:

  • /usr/lib/c-client.a
  • /usr/lib/
  • /usr/lib/
  • /usr/lib/libc-client.a
  • /usr/lib/
  • /usr/lib/
  • /usr/lib64/c-client.a
  • /usr/lib64/
  • /usr/lib64/
  • /usr/lib64/libc-client.a
  • /usr/lib64/
  • /usr/lib64/


If you do not specify a custom IMAP library, the cPanel-provided imap libraries are installed.

If you enable this option, --with-imap=path to libraries will be added to PHP's configuration options.

OpenSSL Support

The following paths are searched for OpenSSL libraries:

  • /opt/openssl (deprecated)
  • /usr/local/include/openssl
  • /usr/include/openssl

If OpenSSL is found, --with-imap-ssl will be added to PHP's configuration options.

Kerberos Support

If /etc/krb5.conf exists, --with-kerberos will be added to PHP's configuration options. 

Flag Files 

Flag FilesDescription
/var/cpanel/use_this_imap_pathParsed to determine the path to your IMAP libraries
/var/cpanel/ea3_skip_imap_cleanupDo not try to hide IMAP files from the linker that may already exist on the system
$library_path/versionIf this file contains the string 'keepmine', do not try to hide the system IMAP files from the linker


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