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(Dashboard >> Billing >> Account History)


The Account History interface displays your account's billing history.


The following information appears at the top of the interface:

  • Terms Net — The number of days before any invoices are overdue.
  • Account Number — Use this number when you contact cPanel Customer Service with account questions. 

Selection Filter

The Selection Filter feature allows you to specify the transactions that the interface displays or locate a particular payment. To use this feature, select from the following Selection Filter options and click Go:

Option name
Transaction TypesThe invoice's billing item type or the payment that Manage2 associates with the account.
Transaction Methods

The payment type that Manage2 uses to process the invoice.


The options that appear in the menu correspond with your access level.

Max Shown

The maximum number of results that the interface displays. This value defaults to  35 .

Date RangeThe date range within which a transactions occurred.
Transaction AmountThe total transaction amount, in US dollars.


To sort search results by the date on which the transactions posted, click the arrows next to the Post Date heading.

Account Balance chart

The Show Balance History link appears directly below the Selection Filter feature. Click Show Balance History to view a chart of your account's balance over time.

Transaction table

Below the Selection Filter feature, the interface displays the following table with the transactions that match your filter options.


The type of transaction.


All fully or partially past due invoices display in orange.

Post Date

The date that Manage2 posted the transaction.

(no title)This column contains .pdf and HTML copies of your invoice.
Amount (USD)The transaction amount, in US Dollars (USD).



The payment method, refund, or the invoice's billing item.

ReferenceThe transaction's reference number.
NotesAny notes about the transaction.
Staff NotesAny additional notes that the Customer Service staff created about the transaction.
BalanceThe account's remaining balance.

The most recent transactions display at the top of the table. Your current account balance appears below the table.

License reactivation

When you reactivate a license, Manage2 prompts you to agree to the license fee amount. 

To avoid a license reactivation fee, wait 48 hours after Manage2 generates your monthly invoice before you reactivate the license.

If you reactivate a license within the 48 hours after Manage2 generated your invoice, check your account before you make a payment to ensure that you pay the full amount.