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(Dashboard >> Licenses >> Add License)


Use the Add License interface to add licenses to your account or renew existing licenses, or to request a license transfer.


  • When you add or renew licenses, Manage2 immediately creates an invoice. You cannot cancel an invoiced license.
  • cPanel, L.L.C. must approve license transfers.

Add a license

To add a license, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the IPv4 addresses to which you wish to add a license in the IP(s) text box, with one IP address per line.


    To renew existing licenses or initiate a license transfer, enter the current IP addresses for those licenses.

  2. From the Group menu, select the license's new group.

    • Click show all groups to view all of your Manage2 account's groups. 
    • Click limit groups to return to the original menu of groups.
  3. From the Package menu, select the license's new package.


    • When you add a package for a yearly license, you will receive a 30% discount. The discounted price will appear in the Add License interface.
    • Invoices for yearly licenses are subject to the same terms as monthly licenses. For example, if your Net Terms setting is 15 days, you must pay your invoice within 15 days after you purchase your yearly license.
  4. After you select the desired package and group, Manage2 will display the price and product type for the license. The interface will also display the following additional options for the type of license that you chose:
    • If you select an Enkompass license, the Number of Users menu will display.
      • Use this menu to select the number of users you wish to have in conjunction with this license.
      • This value defaults to 5000.
    • If you select a cPanel/WHM license, the License Features options will display. Always set both of these deprecated options to the Use Default (Yes) setting.
  5. Read the disclaimer about internal and external licenses. 


    External licenses are only available to cPanel distributors.

  6. Click Add License.


    If you entered IP addresses to renew or transfer an existing license, you must perform additional steps. For more information, read the Renew an expired license and Request a transfer sections below.

After you add the license, Manage2 will display the license's ID number, IPv4 addresses, group, and invoice amount.

  • To make changes to or view details for the new license, click View/Modify to navigate to the Modify a License interface (Dashboard >> Billing >> Modify a License).
  • To view your invoice, click See a copy of the invoice here. This interface displays the complete invoice for your order, which includes your account number, username, invoice date, company name, purchaser name, invoice ID, and an itemized list of purchases.


To modify which groups and packages display in the Groups and Packages menus, use the Update My Information interface (Dashboard >> Users >> Update My Information).

Renew an expired license

To renew an expired license, you must perform the following additional steps:

  1. After you click Add License, a warning message will display. Verify the displayed IP addresses before you continue.
  2. Click Click Here for Forced Add to renew the license.

Request a transfer

To request a license transfer, you must perform the following additional steps:

  1. After you click Add License, a warning message will display. Verify the displayed IP addresses before you continue.
  2. Click request a transfer to renew the license. A confirmation message will display with a confirmation number for the request. 

You will receive an email notification after cPanel, L.L.C.'s Customer Service staff reviews the reseller's response. We allow 48 hours for the other reseller to provide additional information for our review. If we do not receive any feedback from the other reseller within 48 hours, our staff will review the request and process the transfer. This procedure helps to prevent possible fraud.

After cPanel, L.L.C. staff determine whether to approve the transfer request, you and the other reseller will receive notification of the final outcome. The notification will include whether we approved or denied the request, and the reason for that outcome.

For questions about a specific license transfer, or about how the transfer process works, click Contact Us at the top of the Manage2 interface to contact cPanel Customer Service.