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(Dashboard >> Users >> Add user)


This interface allows you to create additional Manage2 user accounts, each with their own Manage2 login information and permissions.

Why create additional users?

You may find it useful to offer individual user accounts to your users, as opposed to a single account with multiple users.

If you create additional users, you can increase the security of your primary Manage2 account and use the following features:

  • Restrict access based on the needs of specific users.
  • Limit each user's notifications to those that are relevant to the user's access level and account status.
  • Remove access for terminated employees without any changes to the main account or other user accounts.

Add a user

To create a user account, enter the new account information in the Options form.


  • We strongly recommend that you set the User Name to an email address.
  • Make certain to assign privileges to the user.

Add or remove user privileges


 If you do not add any privileges, the user can access the following features by default:

  • Change Password
  • Manage Ip Access
  • Security Setup
  • Wire Transfer & Check Payment Information
  • Change Preferences
  • Update My Information Submit a New Priority Support Request

To assign privileges to your new user account, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the privileges that you want to assign to the user from the left-side menu. 
  2. Click the right-direction arrow () to add the privileges.
    • To remove a privilege, select it from the right menu and click the left-direction arrow ().
  3. Click Add.

Choose from the following privileges:

PrivilegeDescriptionFeature access
supportallAllows the user to access all of your support tickets. 
growthtrackAllows the user to view your account history.Account History Tracker
addlicenseAllows the user to add new licenses.Add License
addaccessipAllows the user to add new access IP addresses.Add an access IP
editpartnerdirAllows the user to log into the cPanel Partner Directory and modify your company's public profile. 
expliscAllows the user to view expired and suspended licenses.List Expired/Suspended Licenses

Allows the user to an existing one-time license.


We no longer offer one-time licenses. This option only affects users with existing one-time licenses. 

Extend One Time License Updates
listdirectAllows the user to view all direct licenses.Direct section
listlicensesAllows the user to view all licenses.List Licenses and List Active Licenses
paypalpaymentAllows the user to make payments via PayPal®.Make a Paypal Payment
manageauthkeysAllows the user to manage your API authorization keys.API Authorization Keys and API Pickup Passphrases
managecardsAllows the user to manage the saved credit cards and make payments with credit cards.Manage and Pay with Credit Cards
modliscAllows the user to modify and transfer licenses.Transfer a license
subsupportAllows the user to view your open and closed support requests.View Open/Closed Requests
liscreactAllows the user to view expired and suspended licenses.List Expired/Suspended Licenses
reviewxfersAllows the user to view pending license transfers.Review Pending Transfers
searchAllows the user to search for a license.Search for a license
secverifyAllows the user to verify a license's IP address risk data.Security Verification System
badrequestsAllows the user to view rejected licenses.Rejected License Requests
viewinvoiceAllows the user to view your account history.Account History
viewdocsAllows the user to view your contracts and agreements with cPanel, L.L.C.View Contracts and Agreements

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