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(Dashboard >> Licenses >> List Licenses)


This interface allows you to view information about your account's licenses.

Customize the list of licenses

To customize the list of licenses to only show licenses that meet your search criteria, perform the following steps:

  1. Select an option from the appropriate menu, or enter an IP address range in the IP Range text box.
    • The interface will list groups and packages to which your account has access in the Group and Package menus.
    • You must enter an entire range in the IP Range text box. For example, to search for all IP addresses between and, enter or
  2. Click Search.

License information


By default, this table lists active and valid licenses. To also show Expired and Invalid licenses, customize the search settings and click Search

The List Licenses table provides the following information about, and options for, each license:


The license's ID number and the following options:

  • Expire  — Click this option to remove the license from your account.


    If you click this option for a license that is already expired, an error message will display. 

  • Support  — Click this option to submit a Priority Support Request for the license's IP address.
  • Transfer  — Transfer the license to another IP address.
IPThe license's IP address.
PackageThe license's package.

A numerical value that represents the status of the license.

  • 1 — Active license.
  • 2 — Expired license.

A numerical value that represents the validity of the license.

  • 1 — The license is valid.
  • 2 — The license is not valid.
Add DateThe date on which the license was added.

Click a column's heading to sort the information by that column's value.



You cannot expire a timed or yearly license. If you attempt to expire a timed or yearly license, an error message will appear.

To expire a license, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Expire next to the license that you wish to expire.
  2. The Expire License interface will appear, with the license number, group, and IP address. 


    Verify that the interface displays the correct license before you continue. 

  3. Select the reason that most closely matches why you wish to expire the license.
  4. In the text box, enter any additional information about why you wish to expire the license.


    Though this step is not required, we strongly recommend that you complete it. This step helps both you and cPanel, L.L.C. track license transfers and fraudulent or non-paying accounts.

  5. Click Expire License.

Return to the List Licenses interface to confirm that you expired the license.

Priority Support

To submit a Priority Support Request, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Priority Support for the IP address for which you wish to submit a request.
  2. Confirm that the IP address is correct.
  3. Click Go to access the cPanel Customer Portal interface.


To transfer a license to a different IP address, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Transfer next to the license that you wish to transfer to a new IP address.
  2. Verify that the Old IP value is correct.
  3. In the New IP text box, enter the IP address to which you wish to transfer the license.
  4. Click Transfer IP.