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Image RemovedImage AddedSuccessThis icon represents a successful restore. 
Image RemovedImage AddedAlteredItems that the system modified during the restoration process.Conflicts between MySQL® or PostgreSQL users and database.
FailedItems that failed to restore.Your system has run out of available IP addresses, or you do not have permission to use any more IP addresses.
DangerousItems that the system marked as dangerous that should not be restored.
  • Symlinks inside the archive that are not in the home directory.
  • setuid binaries.
  • Items that belong to a user or domain that is not being restored.
Image RemovedImage AddedSkippedItems that the system did not mark as dangerous that do not meet the current security context.
  • vhost includes.
  • Reseller privileges.
WarningNon-fatal problems during the restoration process that do not fit any of the above categories.The system is unable to read the reseller privileges file.



To confirm that the system has added the newly-transferred account to your backup configuration, navigate to WHM's Backup Configuration interface (Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration) or Legacy Backup Configuration interface (Home > Backup >> Legacy Backup Configuration).