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  • We now hide the left-side navigation menu by default.
  • You can access the legacy page, which lists all of WHM's sections and interfaces, via the View toggle in the top-right corner of the interface.
  • This change added a new description parameter to WHM's dynamicui.conf file.

Updated Git Version Control functionality

To help users prevent unintentional deletion of data, we have updated the functionality in cPanel's Git Version Control interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Git Version Control):

  • We removed the Delete action from the list of repositories.
  • We added the Remove action to the list of repositories. When you click Remove, cPanel no longer manages the repository, but the system does not delete any data in the repository directory.


    To fully delete repository data, use cPanel's File Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager) or your preferred method to manually delete the files.

Git SSH host key verification

The system now automatically performs host key verification whenever you clone a new repository or make changes to or update a cloned repository in cPanel's Git Version Control interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Git Version Control). These checks help to prevent Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.