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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.44

(Home >> DNS Functions >> Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding)


This feature allows you to redirect one domain to another domain. This is useful, for example, if you wish to temporarily redirect visitors while a site is down for maintenance.

How domain forwarding uses IP addresses

When you configure a domain forwarder, the system assigns the next available address in the IP address pool as the forwarding IP address. Once the system configures the forwarding IP address, you will need to properly configure the domain's DNS records. To accomplish this, enter the forwarding IP address in the zone file's A record. At this point, you can use WHM's Setup/Configure Domain Forwarding feature (Home >> DNS Functions >> Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding) to redirect traffic from one domain to another.


The forwarding domain does not need to be hosted by your server. The domain's A record only needs to point to the IP address of your domain forwarder.

Create a domain forwarder

To set up a domain forwarder, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Click to Create.
  2. Click Setup Forwards.
  3. In the Domain column, enter the domain whose visitors you wish to redirect.
  4. In the Redirection URL column, enter the domain or subdomain to which you wish to redirect visitors.
    • For example, this could be a domain which will be down for maintenance.
  5. Click Save Map.
    • If the function is successful, the interface will display a “Domain Forwarder Created” message.

If you wish to disable domain forwarding, click the Click to remove domain forwarder button.