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Upgrade blockers


Earlier this year, we implemented a blocker that requires you to upgrade your MySQL server to version 5.5 or later before you can upgrade your cPanel & WHM server to version 11.44.

We are removing the blocker from cPanel & WHM versions 11.40 and later for MySQL versions 5.0 and 5.1 so that you can use the new and improved MySQL update tool in cPanel & WHM version 11.44.

To upgrade MySQL on your server, use WHM's MySQL Upgrade interface (Home >> Software >> MySQL Upgrade).

Staging Directory

Version introduces the Staging Directory. The system notifies you if there is insufficient space available to complete the upgrade and allows you to select a new location for the Staging Directory. 

New features

Automatic Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions uninstallation for cPanel & WHM version 11.46 upgrades

When your server upgrades to cPanel & WHM version or higher, the system will automatically attempt to remove unused FrontPage installations.

Configuration Cluster

The new Configuration Cluster interface (Home >> Clusters >> Configuration Cluster) introduces the ability to create a configuration cluster, which consists of a master server and one or more additional configuration cluster servers. You can then choose to copy specific server configuration settings from the master server to the configuration cluster's servers. 

You can use this feature with the following interface:

We plan to add this feature to more interfaces in the near future. If you want to see us integrate a specific interface with the Configuration Cluster feature, tell us where.

Grant cPanel Support Access

The new Grant cPanel Support Access  feature (Home >> Support >> Grant cPanel Support Access) allows you to grant cPanel support the ability to connect to your server when you have an open support ticket.

System improvements

Paper Lantern

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, Paper Lantern has a completely new look and feel compared to 11.42. Fully converted to the Template Toolkit framework and deeply adopting Twitter Bootstrap has given Paper Lantern more flexibility. For more details on the changes included in this release, read our Paper Lantern 11.44 Release Notes.

Server configuration file checks and validation

To prevent the problems that an absent file or absent settings can cause, logic has been added to the/var/cpanel/cpanel.config file.

The upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will force the validation of the cpanel.config file. Because previous versions of cPanel & WHM did not require a fully populated cpanel.config file, you should expect to receive one of the notifications that are described below when you upgrade. 

If one or more keys are not found in the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file, the server will attempt to generate them from the following sources:

If the entire /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file is not present, your server will perform the following steps:

For more information about the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file's validation and values, read our The cpanel.config File documentation.

When server configuration values are updated in this way, you will receive a notification. To change your settings for these notifications, modify the cPanel Configuration Checks setting in WHM's  Contact Manager interface (Home >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager).

WHM's Tweak Settings interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings) will display a warning icon immediately before the setting label to indicate that a setting has changed in this way.

Deprecated cpanel.config file variables

The following variables are deprecated. We plan to remove them from the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file in a future version of cPanel & WHM:

If you use any of these variables in customizations of your cPanel & WHM server, we recommend that you update that code soon to prepare for this change.


Improved Remote Access Key interface

WHM's Remote Access Key interface now displays the Access Key Signature, which includes the first 32 characters of the remote access key.

Improved notifications

Email notifications that your system sends through the Contact Manager interface settings now fully support UTF-8 encoding in both the Subject header and message bodies.

Improved account termination

When you terminate an account, your system will now automatically clear that account's VirtFS mounts.

FrontPage® Extensions uninstallation

  • We strongly recommend that you uninstall FrontPage from your server. Microsoft® discontinued support for FrontPage Extensions on Linux servers in 2006.
  • We plan to completely remove FrontPage support in cPanel & WHM version 11.46. If you do not uninstall FrontPage now, you may be blocked from future upgrades, and you may lose all of your FrontPage data when you do upgrade.
  • The FrontPage RPM and the FrontPage opt mod in EasyApache are separate entities. This interface does not remove the FrontPage opt mod from EasyApache.

WHM's Uninstall FrontPage Extensions interface (Home >> FrontPage >> Uninstall FrontPage Extensions) now includes an option to remove the FrontPage RPM from your server and remove FrontPage from all of your server's user accounts.

  • After you remove the FrontPage RPM from your server, you will not be able to reactivate it.
  • If you have already removed the FrontPage RPM from your server, WHM will not display any FrontPage-related interfaces or options.

Renamed cluster features

The following parts of WHM have new names in cPanel & WHM version 11.44:

  • The Cluster/Remote Access section of WHM is now Clusters.
  • The Configuration Cluster interface (previously located at Home >> Cluster/Remote Access >> Cluster Configuration) is now the DNS Cluster interface (Home >> Clusters >> DNS Cluster).
  • The Setup Remote Access Key interface (previously located at Home >> Cluster/Remote Access >> Setup Remote Access Key) is now the Remote Access Key interface (Home >> Clusters >> Remote Access Key).

/scripts/restorepkg changes

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, the previous location of the package restore script (/scripts/restorepkg) now redirects to the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/unrestricted_restorepkg script.

For more information, read our Restore Package Script documentation.

Restoration interface improvements

We have improved the user interfaces for all restoration options. It is easier to select a backup file from your server to restore, and you may now select a file from your local computer to upload to the server to restore.

Interfaces merged into Transfer Tool

The Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password interface and Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages from Another Server interface have been merged into the single Transfer Tool (Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool) interface.

Review Transfers and Restores

The Review Copied Accounts interface has been renamed as Review Transfers and Restores (Home >> Transfers >> Review Transfers and Restores).

  • The new location of the restore process's log file is /usr/local/cpanel/logs/backup_restore_manager_log
  • The new location of the restore process's error log is /usr/local/cpanel/logs/backup_restore_manager_error_log


Restoration "preflight" interface improvement

We improved the selection interface for the Transfer Tool interface to allow the system administrator to select accounts and portions of the backup file. (For example, databases, reseller privileges, home directories, bandwidth data, etc.)

Account Transfer interface

The Account Transfer interface provides live status updates during a transfer as well as a summary report for accounts after a transfer. If there are any warnings, alerts, or skipped files, they will appear in this interface with links to the relevant log files.

Low Priority option in Tweak Settings

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, you can select Low Priority to use the ionice process to limit the amount of CPU and IO that the packaging and transfer processes use on the remote server. This will reduce the impact to performance on the remote server, but increase the length of the transfer session. For more information, read our Tweak Settings documentation.

Transfer Override function

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, you can select Use custom account packaging modules from /var/cpanel/lib/Whostmgr/Pkgacct to use packaging scripts located in that directory.

Prior to 11.44, custom account transfer modules could be created in /var/cpanel/lib. To prevent any problem or confusion, we changed the module location to /var/cpanel/perl since the changes made are incompatible with older versions. 

Custom restore modules located in /var/cpanel/perl/Whostmgr/Transfers/Systems will always be preferred over the cPanel-provided modules in /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/Transfers/Systems.

Packages and features in transfers and restores

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, the restore system will attempt to extract the package information from the cpmove file. If the package does not already exist on the target system, the system will create the package and assign it to the account. If the system cannot create the package, the system will assign the default package to the account.

If the feature list that is associated with the account exists on the target system, the system will assign it to the account. If the feature list does not exist, the system will assign the default feature list to the account.

Transfer Timeout

We have increased the transfer timeout to 500 seconds.

Username and database name length changes

Database PrefixingSystem account lengthDatabase Name Maximum LengthDatabase Username Maximum Length
Enabled16, and the first eight must be unique on the system.63, which includes the first eight characters of the username and an underscore character.64, which includes the first eight characters of the username and an underscore character.63, which includes the first eight characters of the username and an underscore character.16, which includes the first eight characters of the username and an underscore character.
Disabled16, and the first eight must be unique on the system.63646316

A “database prefix” consists of the username, or the first eight characters of the username if it exceeds eight characters, plus a trailing underscore (_).

Rename database users

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, you can now change database usernames.

Because PostgreSQL user passwords are generated with a hash of username and password, if there is a conflict with a username when you restore a PostgreSQL user, you must set the password again for that username. The next time the user manages a database with the phpPgAdmin program, the user's privileges will be refreshed and access will be restored.

Maximum username length

The maximum username length for new system accounts is 16 characters. The first 8 characters must be unique to the system.

Maximum database name length

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we have increased the maximum length of database names.

You can now create:

If Database Prefixing is enabled, the first eight characters of the username and an underscore character are included in the database name and database username.

Underscores allowed in database names and usernames

In cPanel & WHM 11.44, database names and usernames may now contain underscores. However, the database name may not end in an underscore.

Impact of changes to account username

In cPanel & WHM 11.44, we fixed the behavior of MySQL and PostgreSQL when the account username is changed.


Before cPanel & WHM 11.44, if you renamed a system account, the system did not migrate the DEFINER of stored procedures, functions, triggers, and views in MySQL. Now, all of the existing databases and database usernames will remain unchanged. Only new databases and database usernames will use the new system account name if database prefixing is enabled.


Before cPanel & WHM 11.44, if you renamed a system account, the associated PostgreSQL user was not renamed. This has been corrected.

Because PostgreSQL applies the username to the internal password hash, the cPanel user must load the PostgreSQL page in cPanel after an account rename. This will allow the database user that is associated with the system account user to access to PostgreSQL again.

Database Prefixing

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we have moved the Database Prefixing option from WHM (Home >> SQL Services >> Disable Database Prefix) to Require a username prefix on names of new databases and database users under Tweak Settings (Home >> Settings >> Tweak Settings). Also, database prefixing may now be disabled and re-enabled through WHM. This setting is enabled by default.

If you have database prefixing enabled, new databases that you or your users create through the cPanel interface will automatically include a username prefix, but databases that you create through UAPI function calls will not include the prefix.

If you transfer or restore an account that uses database prefixing to a server with database prefixing disabled, the prefixes will not be removed. This ensures that you do not need to change the usernames, database names, or your users' applications.

Also, databases that are created by cPAddons, such as the WordPress® addon, will continue to include a username prefix, even if database prefixing is disabled (For example, username_wp1).

Rename Database tool

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we allow users to rename MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

  • We strongly recommend that you perform a backup of any MySQL database that you wish to rename.
  • If you rename a database, this will terminate all active connections to the database. You also must manually update configuration files and applications to use the new database name

You can also rename a database after an account transfer.

Mailman upgraded to version 2.1.7

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we upgraded Mailman to version 2.1.7.

Feature list name restrictions

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, the names of new Feature Lists may contain multibyte UTF-8 characters and the following 7-bit ASCII characters:

a-z A-Z 0-9 ? [ ] : , @ ! ( ) + . { } $ ; % = _ ~ - ' (space)
Existing feature lists do not need to be changed.

Change database user password

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, the current password of a database user is no longer required to change the password.

MySQL Remote Setup interface improvements

In cPanel & WHM 11.44, we have improved the Setup Remote MySQL Server interface in WHM (Home >> SQL Services >> Setup Remote MySQL Server).

AutoInactiveDestroy in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL support now has AutoInactiveDestroy to avoid SIGPIPE error responses on fork()

MySQL EVENT privilege

We have added support for the MySQL EVENT privilege.

Backup configuration preserved on Migrated accounts.

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will now honor the configuration of backups for migrated accounts in the same way new accounts do.


Improved IPv6 address management 

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, IPv6 addresses are easier to manage. IPv6 addresses will receive an addrlabel of 99. This will make it more difficult for newly bound addresses to become the source address for email on the server. When you assign IPv6 addresses in WHM, the system will skip any address with a reserved range in the reclamation pool.

Improved Remote Backup log process

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 improves the way remote backups are logged. The output is more verbose and shows information such as the method and path used to connect.

The remote backup logs are now stored as cpbackup_transporter.1234567890.log in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup_transporter directory. Replace 1234567890 with your own ten digit representation of epoch time, unique to the time the transport was run. The system will keep the ten most recent logs.

MySQL database name restriction lifted

In cPanel & WHM version, we now allow you to create a user account name that matches an existing MySQL database name. However, you may not create a user account name that matches an existing PostgreSQL database name.

MySQL Update no longer requires Apache and PHP rebuild

In cPanel & WHM version, you now have the option to defer the rebuild of Apache and PHP until after the MySQL upgrade process completes. For more information, read our MySQL Upgrade documentation.

Reserved usernames and databases protected from kill account process

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, the account termination (killacct) process will not kill reserved usernames or databases that are specified within a user's database .yaml file  (located in the /var/cpanel/databases/ directory in user.yaml format).

The following usernames are reserved:

  • cphulkd
  • cpldap
  • eximstats
  • horde
  • leechprotect
  • logaholic
  • modsec
  • munin
  • postgres
  • root
  • roundcube

The following database names are reserved:

  • cphulkd
  • cpldap
  • eximstats
  • horde
  • information_schema
  • leechprotect
  • modsec
  • munin
  • munin_innodb
  • mysql
  • password
  • pg_aggregate
  • pg_am
  • pg_amop
  • pg_amproc
  • pg_attrdef
  • pg_attribute
  • pg_auth_members
  • pg_authid
  • pg_autovacuum
  • pg_cast
  • pg_catalog
  • pg_class
  • pg_constraint
  • pg_conversion
  • pg_database
  • pg_depend
  • pg_description
  • pg_group
  • pg_index
  • pg_indexes
  • pg_inherits
  • pg_language
  • pg_largeobject
  • pg_listener
  • pg_locks
  • pg_namespace
  • pg_opclass
  • pg_operator
  • pg_pltemplate
  • pg_prepared_xacts
  • pg_proc
  • pg_rewrite
  • pg_roles
  • pg_rules
  • pg_settings
  • pg_shadow
  • pg_shdepend
  • pg_stat_activity
  • pg_stat_all_indexes
  • pg_stat_all_tables
  • pg_stat_database
  • pg_stat_sys_indexes
  • pg_stat_sys_tables
  • pg_stat_user_indexes
  • pg_stat_user_tables
  • pg_statio_all_indexes
  • pg_statio_all_sequences
  • pg_statio_all_tables
  • pg_statio_sys_indexes
  • pg_statio_sys_sequences
  • pg_statio_sys_tables
  • pg_statio_user_indexes
  • pg_statio_user_sequences
  • pg_statio_user_tables
  • pg_statistic
  • pg_stats
  • pg_tables
  • pg_tablespace
  • pg_trigger
  • pg_type
  • pg_user
  • pg_views
  • postgres
  • roundcube
  • template0
  • template1
  • test
  • whmxfer

Secure password format required for MySQL 5.6 or later

In cPanel & WHM version and later, if you have the Tweak Setting Use pre-4.1-style MySQL® passwords enabled and then update MySQL to 5.6 or later, you will see a warning similar to the following:

The system changed the password for the database user "myzom" to a random string because the original password used an old and insecure format that is incompatible with MySQL version 5.6.17. You must manually change the password for "myzom" to match the original password in order to ensure that applications that use the credentials will continue to function

Renamed interface

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we renamed the cPanel x3 theme’s Configure Language interface (Home >> Preferences >> Change Language) the Change Language interface. This change corrected a user interface inconsistency between the icon’s label on the Home interface and the title of the actual interface.

Removed items

Removed distribution support

The following distributions are no longer supported by cPanel & WHM, and references to them have been removed from cPanel & WHM and its accompanying documentation:
  • BSD®
  • CAOS Linux
  • Debian™
  • Fedora™
  • Gentoo Linux™
  • Mandrake
  • Mandriva
  • Red Hat® 6.5 and 7.3
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 2, 3, and 4
  • SuSE
  • Trustix™
  • White Box Enterprise Linux 

DBOWNER parameter removed

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we removed the DBOWNER parameter from cPanel accounts. This parameter allowed the system to separate the primary MySQL user from the cPanel user, but that functionality was deprecated and removed in an earlier version of cPanel & WHM to simplify the administration of accounts.

Legacy fallback system for pre-11.18 transfers removed

In cPanel & WHM version 11.44, we removed the legacy fallback system for pre-11.18 transfers from the Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password interface in WHM (Home >> Transfers >> Copy an Account From Another Server with Account Password).

A6 record creation in the Edit a DNS Zone interface removed

The use of A6 records are now discouraged in the Edit DNS Zone interface. The interface will allow you to edit existing A6 records but will not allow the creation new A6 records.

Appendix A: Provided third-party applications

cPanel & WHM 11.44 includes the following third-party applications. This section lists the applications' version numbers and the minor build of cPanel & WHM that corresponds to each version.

Third-party applicationVersionCorresponding cPanel & WHM minor version
Horde Groupware2.0.2-111.43.0





Appendix B: New and modified API calls

New UAPI Calls


New WHM API 1 Calls

New cPanel API Calls

Modified API Calls