Upgrade Blockers

An upgrade to 11.38 will be blocked if Interchange is enabled. As of cPanel & WHM 11.38, Interchange will no longer be included in an installation.

cPanel & WHM version 11.38.1

Tweak Settings for AppConfig

The Security section of Tweak Settings includes four new features:

More information about these settings is available.

Advanced Settings for the Backup Configuration

The Backup Configuration feature in WHM has a new section. Under the Advanced Settings section, you can control how long a backup will attempt to run before it times out.

Reusable Active Security Tokens

You may now reuse an active security token for additional Cpanel::LogMeIn requests. This ensures that the new login URL shares the same security token.

New Features

Improved Backup System

In 11.38, WHM offers a new interface to create backups. This new interface has several features that give system administrators the opportunity to customize the backup configuration.

Legacy Backup

In 11.38, WHM features an updated interface for the Backup Configuration screen in WHM's Backup section. System administrators who may not feel comfortable with this update can still use the 11.36 version of Backup Configuration, formerly called Configure Backups now called Legacy Backup Configuration.

User Backup Selection

We added a new feature called 11.38 Release Notes under the Backup section in WHM. This feature allows system administrators to backup each account with the Legacy Backup Configuration, the new Backup Configuration, or both. For example, a system administrator can configure user1 to use the Legacy Backup Configuration while user2 is configured to use the new Backup Configuration.

The new Backup Restoration feature will not restore backups saved with the Legacy Backup Configuration.

For more information, read our documentation about the user backup selection.

Timing Settings

The Backup Configuration feature allows system administrators to choose when to run a backup. A system administrator may choose one or more days of the week, or once or twice a month. After a system administrator decides when to run backups, he can choose how many backups to keep.

For more information, read our documentation about the timing settings.

Files, and Databases

The new Backup Configuration feature allows a system administrator to choose to backup access logs, bandwidth data, system files, and databases. A system administrator may also choose whether or not to assign the accounts a local DNS during the backup.

For more information, read our documentation about the account settings.

Configure Backup Directory

After a system administrator chooses when to run backups and what content to back up, he can decide where to save the backups. The Configure Backup Directory feature allows the system administrator to choose the path for backups.

For more information, read our documentation about backup directory configuration.

Additional Destinations

A key aspect of the Backup Configuration feature is the ability to save backups to one or more additional destinations such as FTP, Additional Local Directory, SFTP, or WebDAV. In addition to these pre-configured destinations, a system administrator may also choose to create a custom destination.

For more information, read our documentation about additional destinations.

Backup Restoration

WHM 11.38 has a new Backup Restoration feature that allows system administrators to choose to restore backups by account or by date.

Restore by Account

The Backup Restoration feature allows a system administrator to choose individual accounts to restore. After the system administrator selects an account, he may choose which backup date to restore, and then which Additional Options to restore.

For more information, read our documentation about how to restore by account.

Restore by Date

The Backup Restoration feature allows a system administrator to choose a date to restore, and then which accounts with backups on that date to restore. After you select an account, you may choose which Additional Options to restore.

For more information, read our documentation about how to restore by date.

Restoration Queue

The Restoration Queue feature allows a system administrator to see which accounts are queued to be restored. From this queue, a system administrator can also see the status of each restoration, or remove any queued accounts.

For more information, read our documentation about the restoration queue.

Improved SSL Management System

In 11.38, the SSL Management System has been updated.

These updates include:

Determine the primary virtual host

In 11.38, system administrators can explicitly set an IP address’s primary SSL and non-SSL virtual hosts through the following calls:

The primary virtual host serves 2 purposes:

The /var/cpanel/conf/apache/primary_virtual_hosts.conf file stores the server name of the primary SSL and non-SSL virtual host on each IP address found in Apache’s configuration file. When cPanel rebuilds Apache’s configuration file, cPanel uses the data from the primary_virtual_hosts.conf file to arrange an IP address’s virtual host with the indicated host first.

This file’s internal format is subject to change. We highly recommend that third-party integrators use the API calls to configure data rather than alter the file directly.

Broken SSL Pages in cPanel

In 11.38, we changed the SSL support system in the cPanel and WHM interfaces. It is important to note that any x3-cloned themes from 11.34 or 11.36 will not work in the updated SSL sections in the 11.38 version of cPanel.

To resolve this issue, system administrators should follow the steps below. System administrators should replace the $your_theme_backup text with the name of their x3 theme.

  1. Create a backup of your custom theme:
  2. Synchronize the new 11.38 SSL-related files into the theme's directory:

System Improvements

General Improvements


Improved transfer speeds

Backups and account transfer speeds can be improved by using the newly supported, pigz utility.

Update to Mail settings in Exim Configuration Manager

The EXPERIMENTAL: Rewrite From: header to match actual sender option is located in the Mail section of the Exim Configuration Manager (Home >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Manager >> Basic Editor >> Mail).

This option rewrites the From header in emails to show the original identity of the actual sender for messages sent from your server. Email recipients can see the original From header as X-From-Rewrite along with the rewritten From header. This option is useful to determine the actual mail sender.

New cPanel & WHM installs will feature MySQL 5.5

Beginning with version 11.38, MySQL 5.5 is installed during a fresh install of cPanel & WHM.

Updates to Jailed Shells and Tweak Settings

In 11.38, in a jailshell, all filesystems are mounted with the nosuid option by default. The nosuid option blocks the operation of setuid and setgid commands, such as crontab and ping. This does not apply to the /usr/sbin/directory for Exim.

In the System tabs in the Tweak Settings feature, system administrators can enable or disable new options for their jailed shells.

These new options are:

More information about these options is available in our documentation.

Remove bind mounts for a particular user

In 11.38, system administrators can remove all bind mounts for a particular user with the command below. In the following command, replace USER with the desired user:

/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl -MCpanel::Filesys::Virtfs -e 'Cpanel::Filesys::Virtfs::clean_user_virtfs("USER");'

Jail Apache Virtual Hosts Via mod_ruid2 and cPanel Jailshell

In 11.38, the Tweak Settings section in WHM includes a new option. Under the Security tab, users can enable the **EXPERIMENTAL: Jail Apache Virtual Hosts using mod_ruid2 and cPanel(®) jailshell option.

When you enable this setting, the mod_ruid2 module chroots Apache virtual hosts. (This action will run Apache virtual hosts in a jailed environment.)

This item defaults to Off.

More information regarding this option is available.

Processes created by mail filters or forward files

When a user's shell is configured to jailshell or noshell, Exim will now run any process created from alias or filter files inside of VirtFS.

More information regarding VirtFS in 11.38 is available.

TailWatch Updates

In 11.38, the Service Manager section in WHM includes the new TailWatch driver called JailManager. This TailWatch driver manages jails used for the EXPERIMENTAL: Jail Apache Virtual Hosts using mod_ruid2 and cPanel® jailshell?  option. This TailWatch driver keeps each user's jail updated with the root filesystem.

Additionally, Chkservd now monitors the crond daemon and knows about non-standard SSH and FTP ports.

More information regarding these additions is available on our SDK website and in our Service Manager documentation.

Integration Focused Improvements

Apache Improvements

Apache Template Update

In 11.38, addon domains, subdomains, and newly created accounts now use the same template system. The Apache template system allows your customizations to remain in place after you rebuild the Apache configuration file. As a result, we have removed the legacy /httptemplates/ system. An Apache configuration file rebuild will override the /httptemplates/ system.

More information regarding custom templates is available in the EasyApache: Changes Contained Within a VirtualHost Directive document.

Updates to Tweak Settings

The Domain section of Tweak Settings includes two new features:



More information about these options is available.

Removed Items

Optional Security Tokens

Security tokens are always on and are no longer allowed to be disabled, as of version 11.38.

Legacy Apache Template System

The Apache template system that was used prior to cPanel & WHM 11, has been removed. This was located in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/httpdtempates. More information on the updated Apache Template System can be found in our EasyApache Documentation.


Interchange has been removed from cPanel & WHM 11.38. Upgrades from cPanel & WHM 11.36 will be blocked if Interchange is enabled.

Appendix A: Provided third-party applications

cPanel & WHM 11.38 includes the following third-party applications. This section lists the applications' version numbers and the minor build of cPanel & WHM that corresponds to each version.


Third-party applicationVersionCorresponding cPanel & WHM minor version
Horde Groupware1.2.1111.37.0

Appendix B: New and modified API calls

New UAPI Calls

New Remote API Functions