To add content or scripts to the EasyApache interface or to the build process, use one of the following methods.

We do not support custom modifications to EasyApache.

Custom modules

To add a feature to EasyApache's list of options, create a custom module. Custom modules are also known as optional modules (opt mods). For example, you can use custom modules to add a module or specific version of PHP.

Add scripts to the EasyApache build process

To direct the EasyApache process to initiate a custom script, use script hooks.

For more information on the script hooks available in EasyApache, read our Script Hooks documentation.

EasyApache Environmental variables

To modify the behavior of the EasyApache build process, use EasyApache's environmental variables.

We do not recommend that you modify EasyApache's environmental variables.

For more information on EasyApache's environmental variables, read our Environment Variables documentation.

Flag files

EasyApache checks for flag files when you access the interface. There are multiple flag files that you can use, and each flag files directs EasyApache to perform a different behavior.

For more information on EasyApache's flag files, read our Flag Files documentation.