The mod_speling Apache module helps to serve documents that may otherwise return an error due to a request with a misspelling or incorrect capitalization.

Do not use the mod_speling Apache module in DAV enabled directories. The mod_speling Apache module may redirect a newly-created file to an already extant file and overwrite it.


Use the mod_speling Apache module to help serve files if there are spelling and capitalization errors in the request. If the module finds only one matching document, it will redirect to the matched document. If the module finds more than one match, it provides a list of file matches for the requestor to choose from.

The mod_speling Apache module compares files without regard to case and will allow one spelling error as a match.


This module has no requirements.


This module has no known compatibility issues.

How to install or uninstall mod_speling

The EasyApache profiles do not provide the mod_speling Apache module by default.

To install or uninstall the mod_speling Apache module, perform the following steps:

  1. Run EasyApache in WHM's EasyApache  3 interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache 3).

    • To access EasyApache from the command line interface, run the /scripts/easyapache script as the root user.
    • For more information on EasyApache, read our EasyApache documentation.
  2. Select the profile that you wish to modify.

  3. Click the  that corresponds to your selection.

  4. Click Next Step in the Apache Version stage.
  5. Click Next Step in the PHP Version stage.
  6. Click Exhaustive Options List in the Short Options List stage.
  7. Perform one of the following actions in the Exhaustive Options List stage: 
  8. Click Save and Build.

How to enable or disable the module in a custom EasyApache profile file

The following table provides information about how EasyApache refers to the mod_speling Apache module: 

EasyApache module namemod_speling
EasyApache Profile EntryApache:optmods:Speling

To enable or disable the mod_speling Apache module in a custom EasyApache profile file, set the Apache:optmods:Speling  profile entry to one of the following values:


The following table provides information on changes to the mod_speling Apache module within EasyApache, and content changes to this document:

DateEasyApache versionActionDetails
2/11/20143.24.11Doc updateImplemented case 73225: Remove Apache 1.3 and 2.0
1/31/20133.18.0Doc updateImplemented case 51105: Update for Apache 2.4

Vendor documentation

The following text is an excerpt from the Apache.org website:

Sometimes Apache cannot serve documents because the request was misspelled or miscapitalized. This module addresses this problem by trying to match the request to a document, even after all other modules gave up. The module compares each document name in the requested directory against the requested document name without regard to case, and it allows up to one misspelling (character insertion / omission / transposition or wrong character). A list is built with all document names which were matched using this strategy.

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